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Dr Marina Nani

DR MARINA NANI is an advocate for Social Edification and Inclusion. Coining a new industry, she created a happy medium for good news to endorse the unique talent and genius hidden in each individual. Founder of MTN ( Make The News) Press, Marina is the editor in chief of Rich Woman Magazine and the Co-Founder of eight niche Publications Marina believes in human potentiality, and that every woman have the duty to make a deliberate choice and become the opportunity she seeks. Building up purposeful leaders, Marina helps society celebrate the divine feminine and the role of women in human future history, and makes us aware that unless we change the way we treat women, there is a cost to every family's prosperity and, consequently, a loss to society. Endorsing female talent through the power of their story, Marina inspires women to make a difference within themselves, their industry and their community and re-imagine their life.