Explaining the Fuss Around Beyond Meat Burgers

It drips of juices that are worth finger-licking, it’s brown and it sizzles. Welcome to the future of burgers with patty’s that taste like beef patty but has more to offer than beef. 

The plant-based meat industry has become a revolutionary concept, with more and more people becoming vegans. With a patty made entirely of plant ingredients and plant derivatives, the beyond burger has somehow transformed peas, beans, and coconuts that have been marbled together into a patty that just taste like beef. Now, Meatless Mondays have become much more bearable thanks to this burger being more available than ever before. 

According to nutritionists, more and more people are turning to plant-based eating due to the numerous benefits plants have to offer compared to meat. While, on the other hand, people still want quick and easy, meals that they can prepare and eat on the go without having long preparation processes of having to endure a lot more expenses than normal. The beyond burger offers exactly this to plant-based people, who can now attest to liking it as it is easy to prepare and one can get creative with beans and tofu.

What exactly is the beyond burger?

 Well, at first one may easily confuse it for raw meat as it appears just like it while in a package. The Beyond Burger looks, tastes, and cooks just like beef, but, without the health issues or environmental issues related to red meat. With the inclusive beets in the beyond burger, one gets even the bloodiness that you would have got if it was a meat burger.

The proteins in the beyond burger patty come from the formulation of peas, mug beans, and brown rice which form all the important amino acids required in our bodies just like from meat but on a healthier level, especially because plant proteins on their own as well are complete in amino acids levels. The beyond burger ingredients list has others such as cocoa butter, potato starch, pomegranate extracts, vinegar, sunflower lecithin, natural flavours, refined coconut oil, canola oil, potassium chloride, and beet juice extract. These ingredients on their own each have tremendous health benefits on us such as vitamins and minerals sources that are important in building our bodies’ immunity and some even prolong our livelihood. 

Raw Beyond Burger Patties on Conveyor Belt. Credit: Beyond Meat
Raw Beyond Burger Patties on Conveyor Belt. Credit: Beyond Meat

Beyond burgers production

Companies that produce the beyond burgers have mentioned that their process of creating these burgers includes a simple process of heating, cooling, and applying pressure to create the fibrous meat texture that we get in the burgers. This simple process can assure us that the nutritive value of the burger remains intact and is not diluted after processing has been done. The ingredients used in the burger are not harmful when eaten raw hence may not harm anyone if not well cooked or if cooked as medium-rare, which by the way one can do just as in the case with beef burgers. The beyond burgers are perishable hence are stored through refrigerating until when ready to be eaten.

Beyond Burger Meat burger patties looks just like their real meat counterparts . Credit Beyond Meat
Beyond Burger Meat burger patties looks just like their real meat counterparts . Credit Beyond Meat

Beef burger vs Beyond burger

When we have a side-by-side comparison of the meat burgers and the beyond burgers, you find that beef carries a higher risk of bacteria and illnesses that could have existed initially in the cow the beef was from. Depending on where you live, excessive use of antibiotics on cattle during their growth process as well has proved to directly influence the consumers of meat. Additionally, the meat packaging process has also been seen to be a menace in some instances. On the other hand, the beyond burgers has none of these cautionary tales making it seem to be better and healthier for our consumption. On top of that, it causes no damage to the environment and does not threaten any ecosystem.

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