How To Be in Alignment With Your Soul Purpose

Are you in alignment with your soul purpose?

Have you ever day-dreamed about a career change? Wondered if you’re in the right Career? Fantasised about ‘escaping’ the job you spend a third of your life doing? Dreaded going to work? If so, chances are you are not in alignment with your soul purpose. 

I often have clients who are burnt out, dedicating their energy and the best years of their lives, working long hours in jobs they don’t enjoy! Immediately I am able to recognise these clients are not in alignment with their Soul purpose. I create their session to assist them in expanding and shifting their mindset, finding their purpose and empowering them to move forward fearlessly.

What is Soul purpose?

A Soul Purpose can be likened to a blue print for your Soul- the mission or ‘job’ that will allow you to truly flourish, grow and be in alignment with the highest version of yourself; the thing that we are deeply drawn to that becomes the mark we leave on the world. 

We are all born as individual, beautifully unique humans. Gifted with natural abilities and an innate drive to achieve. Often from a young age it is quite apparent that one has stepped into alignment with their Soul purpose- the child who is obsessed with all things hair throughout their childhood who goes on to become a Hairdresser, the child who feels a deep connection to animals and becomes a Veterinarian, the child who is fixated on building/creating who grows up to be a builder.

As young Children we are free- free from judgment, societal pressures, conditioning and influence of our Parents/Peers/Teachers.  As we grow older we are deeply influenced by these factors and it is often those external influences that cause us to end up in Careers that are not in alignment with our Soul Purpose. 

Some people spend most of their lives in Careers that leave them feeling unfulfilled, lacking zest and generally unhappy under the illusion they are stuck and that it is ‘as good as it gets’. Let me share this with you- when you are in the right job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life! 

5 Signs you’re in alignment with your Soul Purpose

*You know and deeply feel you’re making a difference in the world.

*You feel confident in your contribution and feel irreplaceable in your role.

*Your days go fast; you are present and completely apply yourself to your role.

*You wake up excited to go to work more often than not.

*You talk about your job in a positive manner to friends and family.

If you resonated with these signs- Congratulations, it is very likely you are in alignment with your Soul Purpose! 

5 signs you’re not in alignment with your Soul Purpose

*You feel tired, dread going to work each day.

*You feel stagnant in your role, like you’re not getting anywhere.

*You often watch the clock at work and wonder if this is as good as it gets.

*Your days are long and feel like ‘Groundhog Day’.

*You often fantasize about your ‘dream’ job.

If you resonated with these signs- It’s time for a change!

person in blue shorts sitting on beach shore during daytime
What are the signs you are in alignment with your soul purpose? Photo by Chelsea Gates

As Adults, it is no longer necessary to stay in a Career that is not bringing you joy! You have a choice and the freedom to change your trajectory at any given moment.

Vera Wang– one of the World’s top Women’s designers started her career as a figure skater before steeping into alignment with her soul purpose by changing careers at age 40! (1)

Ray Kroc was a salesman prior to purchasing McDonalds at age 52 and creating the world’s biggest fast food franchise. (1)

Julia Child-American Chef, author and TV icon didn’t learn to cook until she was 36 years old! (2)

How to realign

Taking the time to connect with yourself and asking yourself a few simple questions can assist you in determining your Soul Purpose.

What are you naturally good at? What are you passionate about? What activates excitement and joy within you? What did you enjoy doing as a Child? What did you want to do for a Career before you were influenced by external factors? What would you choose if it were guaranteed you’d succeed?

Knowing that you are a limitless being, knowing that the Human Brain has the capacity to learn and retain information equivalent to 4.7 billion books (3) and knowing the only thing holding you back from living a life of fulfilment, a life you truly love, is the illusion of fear….. what are you choosing?

  • Remember, whatever you aren’t changing, you’re choosing!

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