How To Declutter Your Life, Nurture Your Mental Health And Avoid Burnout

Tired of Being Tired?

Are you tired of being tired? We all get days when our energy is low and we feel a bit tired. That’s perfectly normal. Life can be busy. But if its more of an ongoing thing and days turn into weeks, then that’s your mind, and body saying you could be reaching burn out.

When we are living lives filled with activity, noise, and hurry, it is incredibly difficult to feel healthy and rested. When that is our overall experience with life, the result is that we become stressed and burned out. In order to nurture the health of our mind, body, and soul, we need ways to re-centre and restore. It has become even more crucial to take care of you. In this article, we’ll explore ways to protect your energy and recover from tiredness.

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Clutter affects your mental health – Photo by Sidekix Media

Declutter your Physical Space

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase tidy house, tidy mind. There are a number of ways in which clutter can affect your home and your well-being too. Imagine the scenario, when you don’t clear the kitchen after dinner, so you leave things. Then in the morning you get that feeling of dread as you see dirty dishes and messy worktops. Situations like this can add to your stress levels, but the good news is its easily avoidable. Spending a few minutes each day to declutter and maintain your sanctuary will make all the difference.

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To nurture your mental health you have to declutter your newsfeed and living space Photo by Taras Shypka

Declutter your Newsfeed

If you were to look through to look through your newsfeed, how does it make you feel? Uplifted or drained? It’s not easy to get away from social media these days, but used in the right way, it can still add to your life. To reduce the negative effects of social media, make sure you unfollow the negative nellys and those that scaremonger and fill it instead with those that inspire you.

Do One Thing Every Day to Make You Smile

I’m a strong believer that life is for living. For this reason I think its important to have things that you look forward to and small things that you can do every day. As I’m writing this, my Labrador is staring at me and just that look makes me smile. Pets bring so much joy.

There are lots of ways to bring joy into every day; examples might be listen to uplifting music, read an engrossing book or have a good catch up with a friend.

Develop a Nourishing Evening Routine

When the majority of the day is done, its’ important to wind down, relax and prepare for the next day. Having that time to recharge

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Evening is a time for relaxation, declutter your mind and nurture your mental health – Photo by Quino Al

Mind your Language

OK what do I really mean by that? Mindset and self-talk are absolutely key. If you tell yourself that you don’t have time for self-care, you are sending a message to your sub-conscious that you don’t have time for yourself, that you are not worthy to spend the time on. What affect do you think that has on your self-worth? How you feel about yourself? Your confidence? Your happiness? So become aware of the messages you tell yourself and talk to yourself with love, compassion and kindness.

Switch Off the News

The news can be extremely negative. I would suggest you watch enough to keep yourself informed with current affairs then switch it off and then go and do something fun.

Do Less

Not surprisingly, you can become too tired if you’re trying to do too much. There’s a culture to glorify being busy. It’s become a badge of honour to tell people how busy you are in reply to them asking how you are. I’m pleased to say that this culture is changing (and I’m doing my part to help with that where I can). Instead keep things simple and enjoy life with more sense of calm.

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Photo by Kien Do

Avoid Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is caused when you are forced to make too many decisions. Each decision you make includes precious brain power so the more you can automate in your life or reduce decisions in some way, it helps you reduce your tiredness. Here are some simple ways you can do that.

Establish routines-helps you get rid of small decisions as you automate what you do

Group small tasks together

Create a uniform- a number of successful people where similar items each day, so they have less decisions to make; think Mark Zukerberg or Simon Cowell

Develop a Self-Care Plan

The right self-care plan can help improve your overall wellbeing, assist with stress management and generally keep you healthy. It’s a unique plan, created by you and filled with your favourite self-care activities and important reminders. It’s important to spend a little time to get to know yourself and what your mind, body and soul need in order to function at your highest level. By learning to identify activities and things that support your well-being, you’ll be able to create a customized self-care plan that will work specifically for you.

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Nurture Your body and mind to Avoid Burnout- Photo by Chris Jarvis

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